Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mountain Music Project

Folk music never fails to amuse me, especially if it comes from Himalayas. This particular project tries to trace a connection between two different folk music styles, one from the Appalachian mountains in US and other from Nepal in the Himalayas; of course the common thread is the mountains :)

Pretty nice music and I am sure the movie will be great as well.

Details about the screening of the movie can be found at

For those around DC and in love with Himalayas and Mountains in general, this is an excellent opportunity to watch the movie and experience the purity and ecstasy of folk music.

For more information on Mountain Music Project, please visit the following blog.

The blog is good read as well, with posts related to traditional music especially from the mountains.


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Akanksha said...

Awesome music Shashank...I enjoyed every minute of it!!!