Thursday, March 16, 2006

Different Type of Kumaoni Songs

In kumauni folk there are different type of folk song depending upon the time and ocassion . Its like the Ragas in classical music and "Vidha" in literature . They are....(we will talk of each form separately)

Shakunaakhar : These songs are like ganesh vandana ,These songs are sung on every auspicious occasion . No occasion can start without shakunaakhar .

Hudkiyabaul : Those songs are sung with the beats of hudukiya (kind of musical instrument damroo aur dhapalee ).These songs mainly sung while working as a group in a field .

Malushahi : Its a ballad based on the real story of king Malushah . The famous one is the love story of Rajula-Malushahi .

Jagar : Jagar is a big occasion in kumaon . These songs are sung to invoke The gods in a human body . Generally those songs are sung with Dholak and kansey-ki-thali (bronze plate).

RituRaina : When spring season comes then these songs come into the picture .

Nyoli : These songs are also known as forest song .The main thoughts in these songs are related to Virah (separation of two lover ).Some of the songs are really emotional ones ..

Chhapeli : These songs are not merely songs but dance is also a part of those ...sung during festivals , fairs and weddings and a group of people dance on those lovely tunes..

Jhoda : Same like chhapeli as dance is also a part of these songs .A very common term related to this is "Jhoda Dalna " . A song to be danced by a group during various occasions.

Ramaul : Like malushahi these are the ballads about the kings from the Ramaul dynasty.

Bhada : These songs used to invoke the bravery in villages. A kind of ballad in which tales of brave warriors are narrated .

Bair : A kind of singing competition

Hori : Hori is a very famous one .Mainly of two types ..baithee holi and khadee holi. Lot of classical touch , Awadhi touch ,Brij Touch can be found in it .Now-a-days you can also find filmy touch in it ..

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